Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Many people consider getting carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne but aren’t sure if it’s the most effective method for carpets. Melbourne Local Cleaning Experts are committed to providing quality steam cleaning, as well as educating customers on the process.

There are two basic methods of carpet cleaning: dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Dry cleaning can be an ineffective method as it tends to leave residue within the carpet. In fact, carpet industry leaders strongly recommend steam cleaning as the most effective method of carpet cleaning.

We use specialised equipment to ensure our customers are receiving the quality carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. At Melbourne Local Cleaning Experts our process results in residue-free carpets, clean to the highest standard.

This efficient process involves using a large truck-mounted machine that run’s off our vehicle’s engine. This machine heats the water and shoots cleaning solution into the carpet with pressure. The pressure then works to break up dirt, bacteria and pollen’s in the carpet. High suction will then pull the dirt and any residue out of the carpet.

This is the method used by Melbourne Local Cleaning Experts, but most carpet cleaners won’t invest $50,000 to $140,00 for this kind of specialised equipment.

If you’re thinking about getting carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne, Melbourne Local Cleaning Experts is the best choice for you. We will provide a high quality steam clean, using the best equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals. Our team works to ensure one of the most expensive items in your home or work last longer.

To get a quote or for more information on Melbourne Local Cleaning Experts’ steam cleaning methods, call 0415 759 608 or enquire online using our contact form today.

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