Honeycomb Blinds Melbourne

Honeycomb blinds are a fantastic way to add a touch of style to your home with excellent insulation sound proofing. Made with a unique fabric that traps air within the fabric pockets, they keep your home cool in summer, warm in winter. Their sound proofing reduces street noise as well as dampen sounds in rooms with hard flooring.

When you design your perfect honeycomb blinds in Melbourne with Melbourne Local Cleaning Experts, you’re guaranteed high quality blinds that are manufactured right here in Melbourne. All our blinds are made of the finest quality and materials, which includes block out and light filtering fabrics. To enhance the look and feel of your home, choose from our extensive range of colour, textures and prints.

Melbourne Local Cleaning Experts provides the follow types of honeycomb blinds in Melbourne:

  • Standard Bottom Up Blinds
  • Cordless Bottom Up  Blinds
  • Standard Top Down Bottom Up Blinds
  • Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Blinds

Go with Melbourne Local Cleaning Experts for a free removal, delivery and installation of your honeycomb blinds in Melbourne. Call us today on 0415 759 608 or fill out our online enquiry form!

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